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CEO &Founder

Our CEO Luciole Nerrissa Dento , has always had a great sense  of  Fashion coupled  with her love and passion for the African Culture and Prints. NERRICO  will be her  best way to express her Love  for  Fashion and Love  for print.All the  partners  she works with and the whole team are chosen wisely  to fulfill  the best results  for our customers. Her  Goal is to have everything ankara. kids apparel,men and women's apparel, and  furniture section.

Our Services

Our Beautiful ,Trendy  Ankara Outfits are made with So much love and care. We have already made outfits , but will take custom orders as well. We are available for consultation to fit your taste of Ankara  style and taste.   Please follow us on instagram @nerrico_designs and facebook Nerri.D 


You can contact us at 571-201-0954,   Mondays,Tuesdays,thursdays  5pm-10pm  Eastern time saturdays 9am-2pm or by email  with your desired  styles and fabric colors if you don't see anything in our shop that pleases you.Please allow between 4-24 hours for a call back or email reply .

Thank You.

Promotion and Deals

Sales coming up Soon subscribe  to our news letters for announcements


We  are  accepting new applications into the Team.If you are skilled and talented you can contact us for inquiries.If you know someone who does a great job when it comes to  the production outfits or anything Ankara please email us. 


 How long will it take to make and ship?Items are processed in 2-3 weeks. Shipping time depends on the mode of shipping chosen. Standard takes 2-3 weeks and express 4 business days. 

 How do i take care of my garment?

Do not bleach, if bedazzled turn inside out to iron . Dry clean only. U can spray starch 





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